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Dedication Lyrics

Skitz – Dedication Lyrics

"Dedicated to the crews"
"For real"
"Now this one's dedicated to..."
"To all the girls..."
"Rodney P Steppin up to spark this"

("...for this 'ere sound alone..." x4)
We dedicate it...
To all the massive inside, we dedicate it
Big up all the London crews
And send request to all da man dem outta town weh make moves, yo

[Rodney P]
They never knew about us english kids
And how we live and how we program big and how we move, yo
They never knew about us crews
And how we do and how the flex is rude, ya hear me dappa?
Never get to hear about this new chappy
How we be, how we flex rude boy and how we G
How the bullshit they're talking ain't real to me
Cause I don't feel no emcee like I feel mc D, that's real
Hear the deal though, me still nah defend
The bwoy dem pon de ends who wanna scheme and pretend
How they do that? Big up all the crew weh 'ready knew that
Anytime we pass through dat, we got to flow through that, for real

("...for this 'ere sound alone..." x4)
Fe real, fe real we dedicate it
For all the massive inside we dedicate it
Big up de hiphop hikes
And send request to all my emcee friends weh rip mikes, yo

[Rodney P]
Big up the Brixton crew
Wann' fe send request to Lewisham and New Cross too
Like them guy that never knew about the way we slang
Big up the Stonebridge man, plus the Mozart gang, fe real, yo
Big up all the Handsworth hikes
All dem man dem outta town weh know they rock shit right
Wann' fe send request to Battersea cause that's my ends
Big up da rude boy dem, and plus my rude gyal friends, for real, yo
Biggie, is like pussy we get in it
We stretch it, we bend it, we slam it up and done wid it
And when I come wid it u best fe know my steez
And then u know say they're ain't never know fucking wid these
That's how I do it, when I pass through it correctly
Whole leap o' pretty women wanna body check me
And can get me cause I'm easy, yeah
And I'm gallis wid de dutty bwoy smile, gal believe me!
Rodney P they wann' fe put me in the mix
Big up the cliques, weh chop bricks to half of a sixth
Big up Skitz always coming wid dem hiphop hits
Send request to Destiny and Shortee Blitz
A so we move, and stay rude

("...for this 'ere sound alone..." x4)
Fe real, fe real we dedicate it
To all the crew inside we dedicate it
Easy Doby... Easy dj Biznizz... Joe Buddah big up, yo

[Rodney P]
They never knew say that we rough plus de gyal dem buff
They knew 'bout the way we program, yo
They knew say how we flex mean a man stay vex'
And plus we don't take talk from no man
When we gwarn in it, hear me dappa all we buildin'
Is boom styles we use an kill it when time fe skill it
Trust me, they couldn't touch me with their fuckery
The rough stuff we bus' gets bumped in all countries
Touching all countries, hustling rap
Plus you know I'm into smuggling, smuggling back, for real
Seen? So gimme the green, I'm a fiend
Wann' fe big up all my herbalist team weh stay lean as we move dat

("...for this 'ere sound alone..." x4)
We do that, we dedicate it
Take a boom style and dub plate it, dedicate it
Yo, big up Skitz in the mix
Plus Ronin got them oriental chicks I wann' fe grips, easy Johnny

[Scratches "Dedication" and fades out]
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