It was out of a dream
When she came like a queen
One look was enough, she took mybreath away

Hey girl, where are you from?
Must be new in this town
One thing is for sure
I would have seen that face before.

She's outrageous, she's really something else
She's outrageous, and I'm gonna make her mine
Outrageous, oh that girl is so extreme
She's outrageous, and I wanna make her mine.

One night out with the guys
Turned out a sweet surprise
She's walking dynamite, an' I just can't let go.

High heels in a room
And that smell of perfume
One thing is for sure, you got this boy ready for more.


She looks ready to leave, hey baby look at me
I've been staring half the night
And I can't reach her eyes
I better ask her to dance, I won't get no second chance
So get up boy, don't be shy.
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Outrageous Lyrics

Skagarack – Outrageous Lyrics