Easy lover don't break my heart for one more time
Why can't you see you're goin' too far?
Read it in my eyes
I've been patient, tryin' so hard to understand
But I'm sick and tired of wastin' time
I made up my mind, gonna draw the line

'Cause every time you go, you are driving me so crazy
Why is it so, don't you know drive me crazy?

Always in a line, ready to give and eager to please
Always in a line, babe why can't you see?
Always in a line, come to me or set me free
Always in a line, I'm always in a line

Easy lover, you broke my heart, got me in a line
Changing, yes I'm changing, rise after fall
Standing tall.

'Cause every time you go, you are drivin'
Me so crazy (crazy)
Yeah, why is it so, don't know you drive me crazy?

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Always In A Line Lyrics

Skagarack – Always In A Line Lyrics