Someday we'll be rock stars;
Won't you be glad you heard us right here?
Someday you'll be a pop star;
Don't you worry, I won't come near.

Someday we'll be famous;
Don't you wish you were holding my hand?
Someday you'll be married,
I know you'll be hopin' I'm your man.

But someday is far, and right now is now;
I'm gonna live the only way I know;
'Cause you only, you only live once
But someday is far and right now is hear
so shut up baby and let's drink another beer
cause you only, you only live once

Someday we'll be rich
Once we change our name and change our sound
Someday you'll be happy
Once you leave him and sleep around
Someday we'll be cool
Pushin' girls and bein' mean
Someday you'll be jealous
When you see us on your T. V. Screen

Today we're just drunkards
So keep on drinkin' enough said
Today we're just drunkards
So come on baby, get in my bed.
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Someday Lyrics

Six Hung Sprung – Someday Lyrics