Well I called her the other day
I was just gonna say hey
Then everything got weird and we got in a fight
I forgot to call and say goodnight

Well she hung up the phone
So I went to her home
SOme guy was staying over there, she didn't think
that I would care, I guess that I wasn't that much of a lay

She's just a stupid bitch
She's always gonna break your heart
When you tell her you love her all she does is smile
you mind as well the her fuck off

Well I called her the other day
She didnt have nothing to say
It was all my fault everythign was wrong
She wished she hadn't answered the phone

So I told her we needed to talk
and I asked if she wanted to walk
She said she had to go somewhere but then she said she didnt care
what became of us after all

She wanted me, Cause I have money

Well I saw her in the mall and somebody gave her all
It was then I knew she was with another and so I told her
I used to love her, but now we are done so she needs to fuck off
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S.B. Lyrics

Six Hung Sprung – S.B. Lyrics