(Stella Katsoudas/ Zlatko Hukic)
(Look at me with those eyes, they're a pair I despise, look at me with those
See me, want me, watch me need me,
Bait me, obsess me, chase me
Trail me, stalk me, worship me, hunt me,
Find me, dine me, win me, feel me
Hold me, kiss me, touch me, tempt me,
Seduce me, take me, manipulate me
Addict me, adore me, like me, floor me, torture me,
Ignore me, now you have me
That's the way you love me/ That's the way you love me
I want you dead, die/ I want you dead, die
(Sometimes you just slip, I'm the thing near you first, sometimes you just
Destroy me, control me, humiliate me, use me,
Abuse me, penetrate me
Degrade me, strip me, resent me, push me,
Shove me, shake me, decimate me
Slap me, trash me, choke me, bruise me,
Spend me, lose me, lie to me, dement me
Marry me, cheat me, abort me, fuck me,
scratch me burn me, hate me, rape me
Hit me, go ahead and hit me, I know you want
To kill me
I know you want to hit me, go ahead
'cause I don't feel it anymore
Enemy, enemy, enemy...........
I want you dead, die...............
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Hit Me Lyrics

Sister Soleil – Hit Me Lyrics

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