(Look at me with those eyes, they're a pair I despise, look at me with those eyes.)
See me; want me; watch me; need me;
Bait me; obsess me; chase me;
Trail me; stalk me; worship me; hunt me;
Find me; dine me; wine me, feel me;
Hold me; kiss me; touch me; tempt me;
Seduce me; take me; manipulate me;
Addict me; adore me; like me; floor me; torture me;
Ignore me; now you have me.
That's the way you love me. That's the way you love me.
I want you dead; die. I want you dead; die.
(Sometimes you just slip. I'm the thing near you first. Sometimes you just slip)
Destroy me; control me; humiliate me; use me;
Abuse me; penetrate me;
Degrade me; strip me; resent me; push me;
Shove me; shake me; decimate me;
Slap me; trash me; choke me; bruise me;
Spend me; lose me; lie to me; dement me;
Marry me; cheat me; abort me; fuck me;
Scratch me; burn me; hate me; rape me.
Hit me, go ahead and hit me. I know you want to kill me.
I know you want to hit me, go ahead,
'Cause I don't feel it anymore.
Enemy, enemy, enemy...
I want you dead; die...
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Hit Me Lyrics

Sister Soleil – Hit Me Lyrics

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