Chaos is calling beyond the stars... Through this silent stream, I sail towards realms to me unknown. I aim to swerve this starleit veil, towards landscapes never shown. The stars aloft show me an escape, into ethereal worlds of bliss, where I can eternally dwell, lost in freedom's illusive kiss. A dimensional portal is now open, a thousand and one nights of eclipse shall follow, while the shield guides of universal wisdom, bloom ablaze before my eyes...
After the western horzion's blood turns black, and all through the dusky hours, I, in my solitude, roam the far flung realms of time. In ancient halls with brazen censers smouldering, strange shadows dance across vaulted ceilings and curtains of rich velvet. And those stone chambers ring, with echoes of the twisted language of conjuration, lighted by the glow of otherworldly powers.
The splendor of an eclipse now burning, like a spring in my autumn of suffering.
Between tunnels of darkness and light, through dreams or illusions, my this sword be my weapon, the infinite forest of galaxies my realm and the spectral void my shelter.
For between a tear and the ocean, there is only us.
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The Collapsing Spheres Of Time Lyrics

Sirius – The Collapsing Spheres Of Time Lyrics