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Back Lyrics

Silas – Back Lyrics

Run it back, Run it back
And come lay with me
Yeah, yeah

We was riding round' a [?] serving fiend, smoking nicotine, still material
God don't want you when its after dark
Just got evicted and I'm bout to chill at the park
What the fuck I'm about to do when I'm stuck on my ass and it just feel like sitting glue
Momma told me go and get a job
[?] running at it and homie we ain't make enough, we ain't really make enough
Then that fucker stole 3k, figured I would load the clip and kick it to him Eastbay
So what the fuck you got to say to me
Me against the world every single fucking day homie
Imma get this shit then rip this shit just to get paid homie
Imma get this shit cause I'm the shit and they can't play with me
Man they really can't play with
Run it back, Run it back
Please come and lay with me
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