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Winning Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Winning Lyrics

Smoking out the bad wood busting in the church
Gun squad pull up and we hoppin ova fences
A nigga play wit my nigga we poppin expenses
Put you ass out and get you fuck out mah mansions
Mah niggas got sense but try niggas they ain't livin
Hear they lost the case but we still motherfucking winning
It hurt they lil heart to see us motherfucking winning
I can't see them niggas they ain't mother fucking winning
Smoking all that pounds and i'm loaded with that rounds
Mah younger he a hound hell smoke you ounce
Don't ask me bout em clowns i don't know what you talkin bout

[Verse 1:]
Real D. C mah whole family from the south
They see me out here solo they just wanna take a photo
Soon i say yo yo gigi shooting at yo photo
Everyone have bolo take em way back to the hobo
Plugin in they goggle spending they money on them rubbers
Will blue honnies mah destine tusung ain't go do nothin
They know am go shoot something
I never have nothing and they never go stop somethin
I can't play they game cuz i already won


[Verse 2:]
I pray for better days i don't smoke no purple hays
Put her on her face i know i got to fuck that waist
Don't let Get that chopper or i might make a mistake
Placka placka chalk done know daddy being great
These niggas looking weak always what's the T
They scared to get in the street so they rather chase the freak
Couple hundred G's on me they metal detectors go beeb
Yo bitch think i'm lookin sweet not bitch you know am looking sweet
When you was being a rapper i was trying to be richie porter
Here real chappiego have that money for that lawyer
George town with mah buyers now we got that water
Pull up to mah block and i'll make sure somebody serve yah


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