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Bodies Lyrics

Shy Glizzy – Bodies Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Me and my niggas just came from the gun show
We got 2 new choppas and a pistol
I got a mac that spit faster than Mister Cow
These rap-niggas pussy like Brisco
Double G, oh, add another G baby
Glizzy Gang Global, yeah we over seas baby
Royalty, bow down to your knees baby
Loyalty's a lifestyle, free Big Meech baby
Oh shit, my new bitch just fucked my old bitch
Thats some really cool shit you little ho bitch
If the Trap ain't doin' right, i loose focus
Now pour that Act up in the Sprite, hocus pocus

[Hook 2x]
All my niggas up for bodies
You ain't never hurt nobody
What what?
I might have to catch a body
I dont fuck with everybody
What what?

[Verse 2]
My nigga called, he said "Shy ima beat this body"
He got me paying Lawyer fees for a body
All i want for my birthday is a Maserati
I go to ? so much, i can do karate
Promise, ain't another young nigga this raw
Victim pays to your face, thats that fucking .44
What the fuck you trappin' for, it ain't no racks up in the wall
What the fuck you rappin' for, it ain't no plucks up in the wall
Just got a blue pit but his ass 'lil grey
Shoot my son out with a K before he ever turn gay
They call me Glizzy Glizzy baby, thats my AKA
And you ain't heard shit like this since NWA

[Hook 2x]

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