I walk alone,
All my troubles creep out and crawl behind me,
Is this how life is,
And will it forever be?
I don't like the world right now,
This is not me.
Who cares when, why or how,
The change is coming.
The sirens ring,
The people run,
The living hell has just begun,
We must stand together,
Put the past where it belongs,
In our memories,
Without the fighting we could solve the mysteries,
Of our own psychology,
Of our own psychology,
Of our own psychology.

With grudges and resentment,
I trudge,
The scene in front of me,
Is the reason.
Look at the petty fighting to hide the fear,
We take it out on each other,
And we all are beginning to smother!


Everyone needs a friend,
To stick it out with til the end,
Everyone will survive,
And everyone has a time,
Everyone has to shine,
Everyone will turn out fine.

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Of Our Own Psychology Lyrics

Shout From The Past – Of Our Own Psychology Lyrics

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