Off in the distance,
Behind a curtain of innocence,
Disapproval is clear in his eyes.
He says, " Look how the time flies,
When I saw right through your lies,
And somehow your on top.
And ain't it funny,
How you only come through,
When it pertains to you. "
I should've let you get through,
To me.

I've stepped on every neck,
To ascend the ladder,
And I can't take it back,
And it's a matter of fact,
That as I stand with millions at my back,
I'm as alone as ever.

And with a sigh you'd say,
"Look at all you've thrown away,
And somehow that makes you better.
So now I'm no one,
But whenever your times done,
You'll need me more than ever,
And ain't it funny,
How I won't be there,
Because I don't care. "
I should've said I was sorry,
Then and there.


So now here I stand,
The smaller man,
Too good to beg you.
And I'm down but not dead,
Just like you said,
And I'm alone!

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Fame Lyrics

Shout From The Past – Fame Lyrics

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