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I AM (American Woman) Lyrics

Shirlee Temper – I AM (American Woman) Lyrics

They say
Hell hath no fury like a woman been scorned,
Well, I say I am woman and hear me roar
Well, I say I am woman and hear me roar,
Well, I say I am woman and hear me roar

Verse 1:
In the belly of Red, lies what was tried
Why' For the crime of bright lights behind
Kind eyes of mine that did shine by design
And did find, an untimely demise, unjustified
So must, so must, so must, so must I rectify
For White be my child, who was crucified
She burned alive, she burned alive,
She burned alive and burned alive was I
For Red be She, She who be me
And dare you believe what I speak, indeed
For here do I stand, here do I breathe
Take heed in extreme for what thee plead
Cuz, the Devil did send remedy to She who be in need
And did leave his demon seed to be conceived
And so set me free, and so set me free,
And so set me free and so set me free

American Woman,
I am, I am, I am
American Woman
Hell hath no fury like a woman been scorned
Well, I say I am woman and hear me roar

Verse 2:
Red be she and she become Fire
She who breeds the dragons of desire
Come the burning inside her, and ignites her
So died White, so rises the Fighter
As one day awakes the snakes and did brake
The chains that bind her
Never to let Red forget what is denied her
That jealousy is a bitch beside her that's a liar
And emotions are just notion in weak moments that will blind her,
Blind her, blind her, redefine her,
Define her, define her, define her, define her
Red be baptized at high price, by White's life that was sacrificed
But out of White's ashes lashes out of control,
But pity by the Righteous one swore to save my soul
And bore a storm and named her Blue,
To run through Red devil and burn her cool


Verse 3:
So, so, so, bitch best believe, yeah, yeah best understand
Who it is that it is, who it is in command
Cuz I am, I am, I am
And I'll be damned if I stand to be ran
By another's demands, be they woman or man,
Lest I need reprimand with a fist or a backhand,
Because I am free, because I am free,
Because I am, I am I am

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