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Down With The Queen Lyrics

Shirlee Temper – Down With The Queen Lyrics

Verse 1
Hail to the Queen not the King give me the throne I'm a child of the sun and the moon I have it all
Pound for the body and mind and every time that you hear my beat you're going to freak
So raise your fist of this and make a wish when you hear my voice it's your choice
I'm a vocal psycho a little bit mental socially disturbed you better learn
Who I am and the plan in place is to wreck a stadium four songs to a tape
Put me off first it will be your last, I represent the future that will put you in the past
Open up the show it doesn't matter I'm coming and watch you shake in your shoes and wonder when will it end' knock you out the box better run on the spot or be down with the queen...


Verse 2
Hail to the queen of the Rock yeah I'm the one as stand on stage hold the steele and get the job done. Stadiums become my kingdoms, so when the lioness roars you know what's in store
Here I come with the drum come quick I'll make you swallow your tongue bow down and kiss the crown, heavyweight flower with lyrical lips I'm creeping up and eating up all you innocent chicks Oh yeah
My sound lyrical beat down, my town so you don't need to come around
Weak shows and flows you better Scram and all you Powderpuffin' honeys better run while you can
But dig I'm with the ones who are down with me and they don't hate cause they can recognize a true mc and I'm flowin rippin and showin and rockin the mic mean you better be what, own with the queen


Hard to believe and conceive I'd pull a trick like this from out my sleeve... I was a shy gir add the ly pull wanna be Mac cuz I can, given the gift of gab took a stab part Jekyll and Hyde breaking free from the lab to drop this type of flow you didn't know I run the same never change From the subs to the ghetto when you bump this, wave your hand outside when you're riding, four deep in a drop top beat poundin drowning out sirens, Lots of green lights no red in sight out clubbing djs on the radio spinning My tracks on a mix tape anthems ear satisfaction they be selling crates like keys, better be down with the queen

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