Accident, there's been an accident
That's what the man came on radio to say
Well I could not believe my ears
When he confirmed my gravest fears
About the accident my ears had heard him say

Oh oh they chased her down a tunnel but she couldn't get away
If only they had dared to stop and think
But they went snap, snap, snap the crazy paparazzi were to blame
Them and her driver who'd a bit too much to drink

Oil spill, oil spill, I saw a great big ship on my TV
Spewing tonnes of oil into the ocean blue
Oh what a thing to do

Oh oh big ship what have you done to the environment
To all the fish and birdlife of the sea
Oh oh big ship clean up your mess
Like a gracious dinner guest
And please big ship don't come back our way anymore

Avalanche! Avalanche!
Open fires and brandy in a chalet in the snow
The moon and stars light up the sky in Mother Nature's show
It was meant to be a holiday, a time of fun and joy
But late one night they got a fright when they heard a voice cry "OI!"
It's an avalanche, avalanche
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Accident Medley Lyrics

Shaun Micallef – Accident Medley Lyrics