A stranger came to town one day
Something to prove, nothing to say
He drank his weight in neat tequilas
Made love to all the senoritas

When he was done he said what he had to say
We didn't catch it and he rode away

They whisper his name Sotto Voce
His silence is his fame Sotto Voce
His enemies all fear him
And you can barely hear him
Invincible and inaudible Sotto Voce
Sotto Voce!

The bandidos they rode into town
Stole our corn, burnt our houses down
Stranger said something we did not hear
He spoke too softly for the human ear

Bandidos' eyes they began to harden
They said to him "I beg your pardon?"

Susurran que su conocido Sotto Voce
Su silencio es su fama Sotto Voce
Sus enemigos todo el miedo йl
Y usted puede oнrlo apenas
Invencible e inaudible Sotto Voce
Sotto Voce!

Never heard from Sotto Voce again
Nor in the first place did we hear him when
He came to town in the opening verse
When he left things were decidedly worse

But still the senoritas and the women swooned
At the man who speaks in a low volume

Sotto Voce!
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They Whisper His Name Lyrics

Shaun Micallef – They Whisper His Name Lyrics