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Dirty California Lyrics

ShaqIsDope – Dirty California Lyrics

Dirty California
Can you smell the odor
My niggas here chiefing getting high off marujuanna
Talking shit about this girl acting like I don't wan her
But it's just my persona
I don't think you could blame me
Wish I had dollar for every chick that hate me
Its crazy , how I'm
Reading verses out the bible
Its a cold world so I use it for survival
They say they want the Dopest
Well I prolly got the title
So I'm switching flows
Getting Doe
Still Tryna get some more
Born with gift
But that's something you wait till Christmas for
Underneath the mistle toe
But I ain't in to locking lips
I'm into bringing her back to
The crib tryna pop a bitch
I took off faster than the rocket ship
Cause she tried to pull I got ya heart in my pocket shit
So I tried to block her quick
It's fatal attraction
I'm finna get to the asking
Before I get to collapsing
So I approach smoother than satin
Tremble in my thoughts
I dive right back in
Hit her with the Latin
Clothes get to subtracting
I'm clapping, it's
Wild reaction
Saying I'm deep in love deep in love
Hope she not one of them chicks
That be deep in the club
Or steep with the drugs
To late to Warn her
That's how I fell in love with dirty California , nice to meet ya
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