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Free P Lyrics

ShaqIsDope – Free P Lyrics

They ask how I'm living
Imma lie, tell 'em great
Cause you never let 'em know how much you got up on your plate
This'll bang a nigga Glock like nine clips
Sins on my mind keep messing with my conscience
Trying to fall in love, give a damn about a side bitch
Dog selling drugs, pray the cops never find him
Think about Cleo, reminisce about the time spent
Never told her how I feel but girl been on my mind since
I was just a shy kid, skinny nigga size six
If I see you 'round I take you down and Imma slide in
(?) and told me Shaq keep trying
Things change, ain't that a shame its not surprising
Know I always feel it
I been plotting on a million then double it to the ceiling
Premeditated murder, I can tell you what this is
Funny how I do my dirt and got the nerve to ask forgiveness
Blame it on the block, hard to live with these conditions
Everytime they tell me no, it'll never kill my ambition
Getting older in age but can't make the transition
To being a grown man, I'm childish not even kidding
Still trapped in my zone
Still talk behind the boy back when I'm gone
Now she wanna hang 'cause this young nigga up
But bitch I don't even want to talk on the phone
The heart that I've shown, few women ran over me
Talking Louie bags but you only bagging groceries
Now I understand why they say no one's as cold as lme
Used to take L's dog, I was feeling like 0 for 3
Know who to call if a nigga need an O for cheap
I don't know the last time I even had my rosary
(?) tell me pray, I'll be ok if God close to me
Trying to be a saint but I'm afraid the devil ahold of me
Thinking that my soul for lease
Walking through these lonely streets
I'll put it on my oldest niece
Imma have a Porsche the same color as a quarter key
Way I'm going to cop right
Thinking that Imma phone police
They should write a song for me
Ready for combat
Imma come in contact
With people who want my money
No funny contract
Talking 'bout a war nigga where they brains all splat
Sometimes I wonder why (?) ain't never called back
Forget the nonsense bitch you know I'm all in
Took P, I was eighteen ain't seen my dog since
I don't even know if they took him out of the province
Hold your head my nigga, they still didn't file any charges
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