Just married in a chapel in Late May
Just married wrote on the back of that Chevrolet
That carried them off to start a brand new life
Just barely old enough for man and wife

Striking out to take on the whole world
Just a boy in love with just a girl
Just Married

Just married in the pictures old and gray
Just married 15 years ago today
So carefree in those photos from the past
Back when they knew
Their love would always last

Chorus 2:
Sometimes it all seems so far away
They hardly ever think about when they
Were just married

Bridge: No one ever said that love
Was easy to keep strong
Every year that passes
Just gets harder to hold on

Just married.
They're not lovers anymore
They're just married -
It's getting easy to ignore
And bury dreams
They made so long ago
But it's too scary to think
Of starting new alone

Chorus 3:
The love that they once
Had has died away
Just two people bound
By vows they made

Just Married
Just Married

No one ever said that love
Was easy to keep strong
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Just Married Lyrics

Shane Wyatt – Just Married Lyrics