All day long at work he's been restless
He hasn't seen Princess in days
But last night he dreamt of her warmth
And longed for her lovin' ways

He trades in his suit for blue jeans and boots
And puts that ole truck in high gear
Drives down to the bar where he'll meet her
He knows Princess will always be there

Chorus: Princess don't hurt him like all of the rest
Only she can console his ol' heart
The pain that lives deep in his chest
But Princess is bringin' him down to his knees
'Cause his liquid princess is whiskey
He finally found one that won't leave

At the bar, he gets a new bottle
And pours himself one more round
And each time a memory comes threatnin'
He just shoots it back down

He just sits there as ladies walk past him
The last one's still fresh on his brain
But ol' Princess is making him stronger
He's already forgotten her name

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: And every time that another one leaves him
He goes back to Princess it seems
Though she never does much but relieve him
He knows Princess is not just a dream

Whoa whoa yeah,

Repeat Chorus

Yeah his liquid princess is whiskey
He finally found one...
That won't leave
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Princess Lyrics

Shane Wyatt – Princess Lyrics