Tonight innocent blood will spill
From off the streets I chose you
A gun to the head will make you suck
Cause to me you're just a worthless fuck

Abduction always makes me hard
My motive only to rape and kill
In my grasp your life means nothing
My erection awaits your convulsion

Just like you and more to follow
I rob the weak of pathetic innocence
With me the stench of hate dwells
Sick fucking pervert strikes again
After you are dead the fun begins
Your young tight ass destined to rot
Sodomized thin
Ripped apart
Next to discart you in a ditch

Torn from innocence

I know she liked it
I could see it in her eyes
She screamed in ecstasy
Then she fucking died
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Torn From Innocence Lyrics

Sepsism – Torn From Innocence Lyrics