Slashed And Dismembered
Bloated And Discolored
Dried Up And Shriveled
Grinded And Severed

Your Esophagus Swells And Rashes
As Boils Begin To Explode
Internally You Will Suffer
As Your Arteries Begin To Corrode
Organs Covered With Festering Tumors
Scabs And Blisters Infest Wilted Limbs
Your Rib Cage Is Smashed Puncturing Mucous Filled Lungs
Callouses And Boils Inflaming The Skin
The Vaginal Area Expels Septic Juices
Larva Hatches From Within
Your Genitals Are Covered With Festering Blisters
Your Jugular Is Sore And Swollen

Your Rectum Is Ripped And Bleeding
Diarrhea And Blood Seeps From Torn Rectal Skin
Sawing And Cutting Through Facial Tissue
Viciously Consuming Bloody Vaginal Skin
Your Skin Is Rubbed Raw, Your Bones I Break And Saw
Split Your Jugular, Bruised And Discolored
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Punctured Internal Organs Lyrics

Sepsism – Punctured Internal Organs Lyrics