[Aurienne (Mary):] I was born
To face the wild winds,
My face is angelic,
My heart's made of stone,
On wings of freedom
Through oceans I'll fly 'till I'll die

[Pre chorus:]
The Sphere: So they love
As love in twain
Two natures in one,
Two is the number
In this love was slain

[Aurinne (Mary):]
Look at the horizon
And feel the wind,
Freedom's the fire
That burns in my soul,
Hear the sea, touch my dream,
It is what I would die for

I raise my head,
I close your eyes into the wind,
Under Recham's flag, I cross my dreams
With my secret lovei fight,
I kill like a warrior,
Until the end, before my farewell

[#Pre chorus]


[Aurienne (Mary):]
Until the end
Before my farewell,
Under the flag of Mary Read,
Inside a man, outside woman

[#Pre chorus]

[Aurienne (Mary):]
Look at the horizon far,
Feel the wind of nevermore,
Freedom is the fire in my soul,
Freedom is what burns in the dark,
My dream it is what I will die for
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Under The Flag Of Mary Read Lyrics

Secret Sphere – Under The Flag Of Mary Read Lyrics