I am ready for tomorrow,
In your name we'll fight my lord
Your bloody war, waiting for
Another chance to waste them

Other deaths to honour your reign
Fading light, bury in your world my reign
Oblivion close my eyes
Hold my life in time forever more

Trying hard with steel,
To get theyr evil aim,
Forever and ever again,
Fight for the crown.

Run warrior, run
Fight brave the shadow of the night
Once again the wings of glory are bleeding.
Run warrior, run
And face the shadow of the night
Wings of glory with blood stain the sky.

Rain and blood, to amplify my rage
Just kill with the eyes of a fury by will of the crown.
Love of my life,
Hold these eyes in mind for ever more



Riding whole night and day through desolate lands
My mind flies high over fields of death
Longing for lost time of peace and light
Shunted from heaven to hell, to pay for my blames,
But still I am fighting to feed evil power of pride
That rules our minds, and makes us live
In an age of war, a time of sadness,
Don't put your blame on a shame God,
Open your eyes.

Run warrior, run
And fight the shadow of your mind,
Once again the wings of glory are bleeding.
On the wings of sun
Let your soul fligh
Leave the word of forced ideas
Grab your sky.
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On The Wings Of Sun Lyrics

Secret Sphere – On The Wings Of Sun Lyrics