Verse I

Mom and Dad are out
Won’t be home till twelve
I know I shouldn’t but
I got the whole place to myself (mm)

Msm? Nsa? Need some now I’ll go all way

Nasl? Ddf? I like your pic but show me what’s left

Top bottom or verse?

I dunno you're kind of my first

How big? Thick? Cut?

Well I’m 5 foot 8 and wait what.

Couple more questions later
He shows up hot as ever
All out s** personified
Biceps abs and damn those eyes


He sticks it in it
Not even a full bloody minute
Damn door opens wide
There's no place to hide
Mom and Dad walk on in
While I’m under him
And he's inside me
Everybody screams

S - E – B s** Eye Ball
S - E – B s** Eye Ball
S - E – B s** Eye Ball
S - E – B s** Eye Ball

Verse ii

Rushing to put our undies on
Dad comes out with a gun
He shoots and bang my hot guy runs.
Does that make me half a virgin.

Priests arrive that same night
As if I’m not scarred enough right?
They tie me down. With chains no less.
Apparently I’m gay possessed

Boom boom Exorcism

Right when things get scary as hell
Dance scream Monkeys rhythm
I get to thinking well I might as well

Pretend I’m getting better
To get these wack jobs out forever.
Saved I was by the grace of god
Damn I deserve an Oscar nod



But no escaping from the priest
Who eyed me up and down like a dog in heat
Running for my life. He runs faster.
Screaming like hell. But it doesn’t matter.

S - E – B s** Eye Ball
S - E – B s** Eye Ball
S - E – B s** Eye Ball
S - E – B s** Eye Ball

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S. E. B. Lyrics

Sebastian Castro – S. E. B. Lyrics