There’s a fine, fine line,
In the horny mind
I crossed mine
In the locker room,

Next thing I knew,
Something just grew
In the line of view
Of you’ll never ever guess who

The very best friend I always knew
Is starin
At the jock strap with the bursting bulge
I’m not wearin
And maybe that’s why
He’s walking over,

Whispering those words
I can’t get Over

Pre chorus

I like your Bubble.
Even the Stubble
Happy trailing down the crack of those two muscles

Tighter the Better
And Yours has Never
Felt the pain, That gives,
Me so, Much Pleasure


Pop that pop (Pop!)
Stick your stick into it
Can you bu-bble pop (Pop!)
Grab both cheeks and do it

This is it boy
Christian Grey my boy toy
Pop that Pop (Pop)
This is how we do it
Bubble Pop!
Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

Bubble Pop!
Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

(Deep Breath)
What did you do
Up my choo-choo
I can’t even walk straight as I used to

Nothing much, just a touch, innocent enough,
I’m still straight and you are too.
Mhmmm m-okay
L’ll let it go. I’m still a bro. It didn’t mean
Anything, so who has to know.

I am Straight St-ra-aight!
I just pulled a muscle lifting weights.
It’s straight. Man am I straight!
As always I got a hot date.

Doc! It's hurts so bad I can’t even sit down.
I don’t want to tell you how it all went down.
How do I know you won’t tell anyone around.
We both know it’s a small ass town.

Breathe boy no need to be cynical
All you need now is my physical.
Drop the undies and show me the pencil/popsicle
Everything here on out is confidential




No please don’t
Hell if I won’t
Why are you kneeling?
To give you Uh Oh feelings.
Why do you and everyone I know want my Santa Claus?

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Bubble Lyrics

Sebastian Castro – Bubble Lyrics