Even if you were the air that I breathe
And even if you were the words that I speak
Even if you were the blood that I bleed
I could never be...

Even if you could reach into my soul
Wrap your arms around it and never let go
Even if the two became one
All I know
Is I could never be...

Close enough
And near enough
To the sound of your voice
The warmth of your skin
The taste of your kiss
And I can't begin to be,
Close enough
And near enough
Casue the more that I get
The more that I want of your love
(and) I can't get close enough

Even if your every thought in my mind
Even if your every dream every night
Even if your every song that I write
I could never be...


So stay with me,
And let me be
The only one who will ever be...


Can't get close enough
Ooohh oohh

Can't get close enough
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Close Enough Lyrics

Sean Mcconnell – Close Enough Lyrics