Looking down at the strip from my hotel room,
It must be a full moon,
Because they're all out tonight
All the insecure boys in their muscle cars,
Young girls in their pushup bras
Under neon lights,

They come here for freedom,
Freedom from anything
And for miles and miles down this road,
You can hear them sing
With their voices, and their engines,
And their pounding radios
It seems like round here, no one knows

No one knows that there's more
Beyond these dead skies and all these filthy streets
Take my hand and let me pull you
Out of the blindness of your weary soul
To somewhere beautiful

Is there any way to learn
From what you've been told
Or do you really have to hold the experience?
Cause you could heed me now,
And come out clean
Trust me, I could spare you the consequence

I can tell by your eyes,
There ain't no getting through
Cause you're hell bent on doing exactly
What you've gotta do
So welcome to a long line of sinners and saints
Is there anyone around here who ain't?

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Somewhere Beautiful Lyrics

Sean Mcconnell – Somewhere Beautiful Lyrics