Sidewayz I be sittin' with a kitten on my lap
Like slim thug's I'm a boss and she handles that
Yep a quarterback head honcho in the game
Ladies sayin' baby I say how'd you know my name?
Hurricane head hunters get to jugalug
It's nuts when I champagne cuz I bubble up
Huddle up your team and hit me with everything
From veterans to rookies and the third-third string
I can make you're girl wing it, sing it gurglin'
Like a puppet cuz I pull her by purse strings
Ain't that a thing or is it off the chain
Swervin' lanes when she's on my mind and feelin' on my brain
She knows my zipper more than she knows my face
But she's gonna know it when it's all over the place
Like a poster – roller coaster – fun, girl, fun
But don't forget to tune it up so run, girl, run

You're just a wanksta with no wanker, I gotta long shlong
My nads are in a sack dangling like King Kong's
Call 'em dingleberries. Holy cockamamie!
I hit it with my shuttlecock all the way to Bangkok
C***-a-doodle-doo! It's time to wake my woody
I tickle with my pickle everytime I'm makin' whoopee
You got a lil' pee wee. She said it's rinky dinky
When I do bukkake I take off my rubber dinghy
I know you wanna join the party in my groin
Call my couple kumquats the fruit up in my loins
What's up buttercup, I'll squash it like a butternut
Even when I cover up, It'll drive your mother nuts
Served up on a dish, like meatballs and spaghetti
Pucker up – slurp it up. My flavor is delish
So check out my garbanzo's near my Wienerschnitzel
Holdin' my testicles, V is sure to whet your whistle.

I get freaky with a flussey – bang, bang like an Uzi
Flip the game around because the V is so choosy
Ballin' like Snoop dogg with the biggest sack
Cuz me and my jimmy give me serious swag
Got a couple freaks havin' s** in the streets
Love the woof-woof style – that's right Honey Child.
Know what I'm sayin', that's how it goes
The V on Paul Wall's beat – What it do?
I really like Paul Wall's sittin' sidewayz
And I got my girl on me sittin' sidewayz
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Sittin' Sideways Lyrics

Scrilla Vic – Sittin' Sideways Lyrics