I get it cookin' in Hells Kitchen, first 48 and no one's snitchin'
Ever since a youth I been the truth with a pot to piss in
Rain on parades – this no charade – king of the jungle – stomach rumbles
Cannibalistic – eat my own kind – yeah I said it – go press rewind
Like black widows – spider sensin' – hit the morphine – f Excedrin
William Gibson – Count To Zero – time is up – 5th dimension
Intergalactic and corrosive like carborane acid
More explosive than francium elements in action
Don't need a triple bypass, cuz my heart is muscle bound
Clock in to do work and I put my hustle down
San Jose representin' like Winchester rifles
Number one with a bullet – Snatchin' up the titles
Suicidal tendencies in sane folk are commonplace
When I lace the track with my tongue, got the bomb in place
Now you got swollen eardrums from swollen drum productions
V's the hip hop Adrian Peterson bull-rushin'
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Cookin' Lyrics

Scrilla Vic – Cookin' Lyrics