Do we start at the bottom and end in the apex?
And the journey in itself is complascent
Transitions of our time spent wandering
Time ticks to the tock of it's conquering

What is life but a mutual dream
The beautiful web from the seeds of your sleep
Believing in the one I believe that I be
The truth that manipulates everything I see
Clairvoyant, aware of this temporary state
A scribble on the unwritten slab tempts fate
A brush stroke illuminating scarred landscapes
Designing the world from a point that is man's fate
For the sake of my own mental state
I release my soul heading up to the gates

Ascendance from the stairs to the ivory towers
I bask in the glow – my spirits devoured
The pull from an unknown force I surmise
Is tempting me to follow as I realize I

I'm seemingly lost on a path well traveled
Decisions rest on the swing of the gavel
Existence for the chosen few I have shunned
Now I'm searching for the remnants of what I have spun

The V spits...
What I've spun is between and betwixt
The Mixlplx syndrome – careen and exist
A lone light shines caressing me cleverly
Should I release and escape from the revery?
I let loose and let the warmth take me in
Now knowing where I go or where I've been
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Crescendo & Cascade Lyrics

Scrilla Vic – Crescendo & Cascade Lyrics