I make music with wondrous wicked word wizardry
Spontaneous com-bust-in' of freakish techniques. You see
I pre-date the Predators and tongue-lash competitors
With rhymes so divine you'd think I'm blessed as God's editor
Layin' hype verses like hip hop commandments
Insight advancements - create understandin'
Cuz rap is a culture which brings solidarity
To voices rarely heard so me & Doe composed a rarity

Pimpin' Cane Posse was the clique in the day
Rocked crowds front to back jampacked to this day
Absolutamente spectaculoso
Y miraculoso. Doe's no mentiroso
We spit the proof to your troops on a stoop
Or back in the booth we the truth like Babe Ruth
We? The originale's. You? Aboriginale's
Nah, you alright we delight with the digital
Background sounds astound like a symphony
Prolifically politically sick with I'll tendencies
Our destiny is to remain champeyon
Can't knock the hustle from Brussels to the Pantheon
Can't be done – an infinite improbability
Ad infinitum we expound on possibilities
To the populous over rare rhyme recitals
Beyond compare like a pair of jade idols
But were never jaded. Our fans feel the energy
Like solar, water, or battery-powered industries
We make the whole world start listening
So live your live right. Right there's the epiphany
We bring a voice for true hip hop heads
Hip hop ain't dead so we ain't Dead Heads
Rarely misled cuz we chose the right path
Leavin' haters slack-jawed and awed - Aww Yeah!
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Aww Yeah!!! Lyrics

Scrilla Vic – Aww Yeah!!! Lyrics