I just say her name and rest my hand upon my face
She's got eyes of blue and gold
Well I wish she knew my name
And that I sit and stare at her all damn day
She needs me but she don't know

Make no sound
Make no sound
Don't know what to do now
I don't know what to do

They came 'round the bend and no one else said nothin' then
They just stared a painted picture to the wall
Let's go 'round
Let's go 'round, yeah

What you do to me
I've got nowhere to run
So I'm just gonna stand here 'til tomorrow
''cause I'm so damn lazy
I just look at the sun
'Til it goes down or you come around
You come around

I know this must ne another life
I see your hand and it's holding mine
Let's go there, go there, yes we will
Well I came here to accomplish that the seeds of the roof that I once had
And now I know where I'm going

Let's go 'round
Let's go 'round


Yes, you will


'Til it goes down, don't make a sound
'Til you come around
You come around
Comin' around
You came around
Yes you did

You know if you should be there
I'll always be there for you
And if you need my shoulder
Don't you know that I've got two?
Your breath is like an angel's
So breathe on me when you can
And if you fall I will catch you
I'm always gonna be your man
Yes I am

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You Come Around Lyrics

Scott Grimes – You Come Around Lyrics