She's the kind of girl
Does what she's gonna say
All the friends she left behind
That never gonna get away
Tell me honey, livin' in the sun
Our life had just begun
I'm alright
I'm alright

There came a little town
Just around the second day
Like the friends she left behind
How they gonna get away
Remember Carrie
Oh, when we were young
And life had just begun
I'm okay
I'm okay

Carrie, what you gonna do without me?
They say I'm not the only one
You got that smile I can't resist
Now I'm not even missed am I Carrie?
How you gonna live without me?
I've seen the writing on the wall
You know you'll always be an angel
In the life that will I live without you

Early Sunday night, it read time for me to get away
I don't love you anymore, that's all it had to say
Tell me can you live with what you've done?
Well I guess you're not the one
I'm okay
I'm okay

Chorus (x2)

Without you
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Carrie Lyrics

Scott Grimes – Carrie Lyrics