Oh no oh no eh eh... Flow oh
She's rockin(rockin) she's rollin(rollin) She's poppin
Don't stop shawty do it for me x2 I gotta get behind that cause she's rockin she's rollin She's poppin don't stop shawty do it for me [x2] I gotta get behind that yea ea

Shawty do it for me she so crazy she so cool never ceases to amaze me matter of fact I kinda wanna call her baby but never want her daddy to think I'm being shady I'm so respectful I will say please mister do you mind if we roll to Chuckie cheese and back to my house and play Nintendo Wii yes I said Wii her including me we can do this thing together I'm down for whatever rain sleet snow we'll make it through any weather cause she's my apple pie and I ain't gonna lie I think she's heaven sent lord sent her from the sky cause


Shawty does it for me she so perfect anything I can do she so worth it and I admit if I ever get the chance I will never let you go if you let me hold your hand or let be your man or I can be your friend you always in my dreams and shawty you's a 10
And I'm not being funny I'm telling you that I want you these other girls they ain't got nothing on you at lunch time if you ever need some help I got some extra change you can get a extra milk so tell them other suckas they can step to the rear if you looking for ya man then ya man's right here


Shawty do it for me in every which away won't let her outta my sight won't let her slip away she's the apple of my eye and my only one the only star in my sky and my only sun
I like playing in her hair when the wind blows when I'm inside I'm looking at her thorough the window cause she's prettier than pretty can be so if you ever get bored come and kick it with me scoot
I give these others the boot and tell em slow up we just friends girl you betta grow up it's only one that makes me wanna settle down she's my queen to be and I'm a give her crown because

[Instrumental plays]
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Shawty Do It For Me Lyrics

Scooter Smiff – Shawty Do It For Me Lyrics