I don't wanna let her know I got a crush, I don't wanna let her know(x4)

I know she see me rockin' the braids, she gotta think I'm fly.It's strange 'caus she never look at me eye to eye.Try to sit close to her every lunch time.I love the way she drink her milk and eat her apple pie.what is this feelin that I'm feelin inside?it feel funny but I'm wonderin why, why, why be afraid, I think that she the one.imma try to walk her home after school is done.I'm finish bein scared, I don't care what my friends say.they don't care bout me anyway.but then I sit back and think.and then another day passes and days turn to weeks.


I like you with the pig tails, pink and white barrets, and since you ain't wit yo girls, I think I might confess.here you come, melt down, let me catch my breathe.feelin numb, mouth dry, think I'll wait till next time.maybe at the park I can show you my skills, my cross over, jump shots and my defense and steal.I imagine you my number 1 fan and you clappin for your number 1 man wit the wonderful plans.with a girl like you, I probly don't deserve.and when my name is brought up, your probly not concerned.so many things I wanna say, but I ain got the nerve.and by the time I get the nerve, I'll forget the words.so imma let it out, no matter how dumb it sounds.I get this funny real feeling everytime you come around.feel like my stomach on a roller coaster going down and days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months now.

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I Got A Crush Lyrics

Scooter Smiff – I Got A Crush Lyrics