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Worth It Lyrics

Scarfo Da Plug – Worth It Lyrics

[Hook x1]
See I told my mama to quit workin
Cause she a queen and she was deservin
Pick up the slack and the extra burden
Hopped out the Porsche and I started servin
Made myself a black market merchant
Keep me a pistol them robbers lurkin
Forcin my hand I ain't wanna hurt him
Thought we was family he did me dirty
Now I'm contemplating third degree murder
Look him right in his eyes and I show no mercy
Karma a bitch and the tables turnin
They get stung by a bitch and they keep on burnin
And I'm only 19 I ain't scratch the surface
Got my head to the sky focused on my purpose
Nobody to call like I had no service
But they left me to die like I wasn't worth it

[Verse 1: Scarfo Da Plug]
See how could you feel like I wasn't worth it
And of the shit that I did for you
Gave you my heart and I stayed true
Thought you was different I shoulda knew
Listen they told me you wouldn't love me
But you took me in gladly when I had nothing
Told me I had to feed myself and work the oven
Lately I been lonely it's just me and my money
Eviction Notice either pack or pay your rent
These niggas lackin authenticity
Dappin my hand but don't really fuck with me
But im never lackin 40 all safety
Mama relax while I go run it up
You made a king when you had your first son
Hailey I love you I swear you the one
Touchdown the pack like I ran back a punt
I want what I deserve and some interest
I'm from New Orleans we don't need conviction
Say it to your face don't do the sneak dissin
It's some niggas in my own circle with tension
I swear my whole family depending on me
Contemplating murder rolling my tree
My right hand man changed on me
So how could I trust anybody but me

[Hook x1]

[Verse 2: Scarfo Da Plug]
I'm on the way to be great
I wanna stay in a lake
Diamond inbreded gold plates
Bad bitch cookin a steak
I can't trust them they all turn out fake
Gotta watch my back every single day
In the streets you ain't safe you get raped
If you look like a lick then you something to take
Smokin moon rock chillin in a wraith
Miritant haters see your own face
Countin my money I cannot be late
Chasin my destiny cannot lose faith
Closest people to you gone hate
I'm in any hood and I'm still safe
I been juggin finessin I hit em with shake
Flew out to Cali met Diego in the bay
Mexican plug say handale
I get em gone ain no time to waste
Feds hit the door I don't leave a trace
Girl you look good in that see through lace
I just wanna smile when I see your face
Beat it out the frame and eat the cake
To be happy I'll do whatever it takes
I done put in my work now Im having my way

[Hook x1]
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