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Knockout (Intro) Lyrics

Scarfo Da Plug – Knockout (Intro) Lyrics

Verse 1:
Welcome to new Rome it's a city full of heathens
Toss me in the jungle come out fresher than a deacon
Listen to young Scarfo swear that I'm the voice of reason
Came in the game stepping on toes I'm big meechin'
Melton pot full of rappers had to add my seasoning
Bitch I got the sauce, pay attention you might get lost
You can tell the way I walk the way I talk that I'm a boss
Make mountains move with words and proved that I can swim with sharks
I'm still breakin down pounds into nicks
I'm the street doctor come get ya fix
Saint Laurent when I put on my kicks
Call me David Blaine with the wrist

Bridge 1:
Scarfo Da Plug nigga
What ya'll niggas tired?
Round 2

Verse 2:
Ready or not I'm fully loaded
Kick in your do jumping on the sofa
I'm from New Orleans a no limit soldier
Couldn't be pussy my hood wouldn't let me
Ballin so hard I deserve me a ESPY
Ice on my wrist Wayne Gretzky
I got money and power you gone respect me
Got it out the mud old Betsy
I do what I want fuck if they let me
I'm ahead of these niggas like George Jetson
I'm on the run in and out of the state
Don't nothing change cause I caught that lil case
Walmart I got the lowest rates
When I fuck her I mess up her vertebrate
Hear em knocking louder think the ... want my soul
Stayed down applied pressure made diamonds from coal
Stay in my lane and I'm playing my role
Migo just hit me I'm back on the road
Hood royalty I walk on a rose
Police takin pictures stop and pose
Mink on me like I'm with the commission
Sit down and have dinners we making decisions
You niggas in the way you gotta go
Shoot from the roof like I was a drone

Bridge 2:
I'm just getting started
I ain't even sweat in this mothafucka
Round 3

Verse 3:
Stick to what I know I beat it up
Wrist in the pot and I uppercut
Body blow Body blow double up
Run it up Run it up fuck it up
Did this on my own I said I didn't need you
Julius Caesar I'm leadin my people
Excalibur my desert eagle
I'm a 19 year old trapper I'm barely legal
I'm cookin dope in my vlone hoodie
First string starter and I'm just a rookie
I'm a hot commodity you better book me
5'4 but still can't overlook me
Open the door what you tryin to spend
Taxing these niggas like Uncle Sam
I'm dressed to the tee like a mannequin
On Panola rd smoking Amsterdam
Got a air plug shipped from Baghdad
And we strapped up like the Afghan
Bricks in of that Lohan and that santan when I back in
You not important I'm x-factor
You not from the street you a good rapper
In your videos you a good actor
When I look at my wrist it say Yatch master

Bridge 3:
That's a Rolex
And it's bust down Iced out
Knockout (x4)
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