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U Are (Were) The Best Part Of Me Lyrics

Savage Ga$p – U Are (Were) The Best Part Of Me Lyrics

[Verse 1] Young Lungs
Yeah I know, I've been on my own for way too long
Picking gold, ever since I met you times moved slow
Laying close, you're the priceless [?] on Saturn
Now I'm grown, I don't wanna do this on my own
No I won't, I just wanna go so far with you
Hope you know, I would go and do it all for you
I just wrote, another day, another song for you
I been broke, once I get some money I'ma ball with you

[Chorus] Young Lungs
Take it slow now
I'm about to go now
Baby we can slow down
I'm about to go now
I'm in love (love)
You were the best part of me
I'm alone now
You were the best part of me

[Verse 2] Savage Ga$p
Ay, yuh, look, you're the one I'm missing
Every time you'd talk, I'm the one who listened
And, uh, I saw you came and you gone
In my room all alone, and I'm still here wishing that...
I need you, can you please come back
Cause I done seen through the lies, and I need you back, yuh
Like maybe in another life we can try it all again and all that shit can fade to black, yuh
Uh, I see my messages read
I know you couldn't understand but it's a mess in my head
And man, remember nights when I slept in your bed
The only thing still here is the mess on my bed, yeah
We can sit and watch constellations
Dance on walls, hear the words I'm saying
And, look, girl, you know I'm always playing
But I never played you, I love you, I hate it
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