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Mama Lyrics

Sauce Walka – Mama Lyrics

[Intro: Sauce Walka]
R.I.P Mama Sauce, sauce in p
I miss you baby
You made me a champ didn't you

[Verse 1: Sauce Walka]
My mama ain't raise no pussy, but she ain't raise a son either
I was raised on the corner with the block bleeders, dope house glass eaters
Christmas time no santa claus just robberies from mass people
Black man in a white man's world, feel like the damn zebra
The government is lions and cheetahs, the way them hoes treat us
Delusions all them hoes feed us through fancy cars and bold speakers
Find out you a gorilla and they gon cage you not vince mcmahon speaking
My mama used to leave me for months, not just on damn weekends
Fucked up all of my birthdays I ain't ever had no planned weekend
Never been to Chuck E Cheese, a rat could never touch my cheese
Nigga please, the biggest rats I seen in my hood pushing ki's
You ever been starving in Autumn, and thought 'bout eating leaves?
Nigga that was a baby me cause my mama veins was pumping D
Heroin, got me begging for dollars at the [?]
13 years old the first time my papa caught the best bond
Trooper now, young ass baby all real and truly wild
Baby [?] born way before I'd done heard of juvenile
Walk up in the apartment my mama geekin' with that goofy smile
Needle hanging out her arm and not a doctor near this room for miles
Nigga grew up wild


[Verse 2: Sauce Walka]
What y'all know about never enjoying mother's day?
Or better times at school watching the mothers give they hugs away?
The only thing I experienced was gunshots and giving drugs away
Or punches from my uncle and my pops when a nigga graduate
Man, the young choices a nigga had to make
The son of a stripper end up pimping, alright a clash of fate
Genetic x's gravitate, I guess it's true what they say
My apple fell to my momma's side of the tree I had to scrape

[Verse 3: Mozzy]
[?] , first we went to school for only half a days
Then we ditched at lunchtime, always been on frontline
Ain't no love for [?], nigga one time for the lost souls
See you at the crossroad when I fall off, who I fall on, who I call on?
Mama's sugar habit, get yo ball on
I got my own habits, I been spazzing coz my dog gone, my heart broke
It's fuckin me up to see my [?] on the [?]
How I never see granny again is giving me [?]
I told to the Lord I was in 'cause I was so far gone
I'm tryna shed light on them niggas that been down that dark road
It's only killers in the car loan, two bar cold, that nigga heart froze
Lord knows them subarus we was driving never had a sports mode
Crack baby from the late 80s but I'm straight baby
Had a lot on my plate baby, 13 we was gang banging
Seen the grey body under white blankets that was life changing, I can still smell it
Felt like the whole world stopped, I can hear the whole hood yelling
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