Your lost and Enraged
Hold the hand
Be enslaved
(Pavement Pounding)
(Gavel Rising)
A Guilty system built for power to tame
Twist a story to protect your false name

The eye is always in place
You fight
To keep submission safe
(Pavement Pounding)
(Gravel Rising)
Stampede of vengeance
And it's heading your way
You'll reap it all when they burn out your face

Pre-Call on your slaves
Who You've Tamed
They're so easy to bait
They watch and they blame
The targets will change
But the goal stays the same
You know it's your game
You play with no shame
Give it away
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S.S. (Sonic Shock) Lyrics

Salems Lott – S.S. (Sonic Shock) Lyrics