You're such a saint
You've never been bad
Your heart is fooled
But your mind is dirty
Welcome to the new generation
Freedom to speak
If i share the common opinion

Follow the crowd
Play my role
I See no evil in the hypocrites world
Well I'm breaking out
And i‘m headin' your way
I'm the fear that your tv hid away

(Bad Blood)
Nobody dares to challenge your name
(nail me to the cross)
Because your spite keeps the dogs in place

From your right
(white Knight)
On Your Knees
(white knight)

Bitching and whining
Always playing the victim
But you're leading the offense
Of a castrating system
Welcome to the new generation
Legislate hate
To fit the feminized opinion

Everywhere i go
Everything I see
Double Standards
Staring back at me
We live from a re-written past
New breed is paying for the last
Even the law wants to rape me
Now I'm fighting back


I have no guilt
I have no shame
Make no apology
You've got yourself to blame
Equality's got a price
That you don't wanna pay
You reap it all
Without the pain

Disposable man
Keep up with the times
I'll play your demon
Cus I'm damned either way
Self entitled
Never satisfied
Filled with
(Bad Blood)

Solo (Jett)

Don't let it turn you
Don't let it burn you
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Smoke And Mirrors Lyrics

Salems Lott – Smoke And Mirrors Lyrics