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New Day Lyrics

Safaree – New Day Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Woke up feeling like He-Man, thank God I'm a free man
Fry said my time is coming, he could tell the future like Freebandz
12 years going up in smoke, I ain't going out like a fucking joke
I'm hungry nigga and it's time to eat, when I swallow pride, I don't fucking choke
I'm coming straight outta Brooklyn, yo why these niggas be lying?
I got a bag like I'm flying, I'm falling back, I'm reclining
My credit card ain't declining, I always be on my grinding
I swear that you don't know silence and I don't be with the violence
I never started a riot, I be on boats like a pirate
They wanna say they eat with me because they be on a diet
And, if they wanna violate, you better not even try it
They could put it right in front and I'mma blow right by it

(Woke up feeling like He-Man)
(Woke up feeling like He-Man)
Bombaclot-clot! Rahhh!

[Verse 2]
Walk in like I'm Rambo, chains off like Django
And I'm on my high horse in a blue suit, no Lambo
This here is a PSA, no one's touching me, y'all ain't TSA
I'mma bring more, nigga, nothing less, ain't a iron board, I ain't never pressed
Man, I don't be with the drama, they better call Dalai Lama
Call it my state of the union but my name is not Obama
These niggas talking like bitches so I'mma name 'em Felicia
I go by SB Stunts, you gotta pay for a feature
Who told you niggas you popping? I got a clutch that I'm popping
I'mma call you Chris Paul cause you niggas be flopping
Coulda been a crossing guard and I still ain't stopping
(Coulda been a crossing guard and I still ain't stopping)

(Woke up feeling like He-Man)
(Woke up feeling like He-Man)

[Verse 3]
Way more than a hype man, now lights on me like night stands
Why niggas wanna hate on me and try to crush dreams like a Sprite can?
Started off with a clean slate, I swear to God I'm healed, wait!
I'm hungry nigga and it's breakfast time, no Frosted Flakes but I'm feeling great
Man, I don't need alimony, never did a ceremony
I never suited down a island, did holy matrimony
I never split it down the middle cause my name is not Monie
I only state real facts, that is my testimony
Man, why you asking these questions though? Why you all in my business?
Yeah, I fixed my hairline and I'm done with the fitteds
And I don't write it down cause, my nigga, I'm gifted
(Yeah, I fixed my hairline, now I'm done with the fitteds)

Bombaclot-clot! Rahhh!
Un ga ga ga, un ga ga ga
(Un ga ga ga, un ga ga ga)
Un ga ga ga, un ga ga ga
(Un ga ga ga, un ga ga ga)
Un ga ga ga (rahhh!)
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