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Lyrical Overlord Lyrics

Safaree – Lyrical Overlord Lyrics

Shoutout Drake though
Is me what up

Look, stunt man I'm a lyrical overlord
Ain't got bars so I'm throwing them overboard
Keeping it on flow like I came in a hoverboard
Old girl mad like she dealing with Menopause
Kung-fu I don't do what them nuns do
Ten to you, bet you nigga you run too
No good girls left, no all of them ran through
Shine all day, kinda like what the sun do
[?] kickin' it old school
Trip wet water leave 'em wet like an old pool
Your flow trash you should be in a [?]
Fly so long but I never need jet fuel
Touch down like I scored at the Super Bowl
All black on cause I'm killin' this funeral
Max exposure, I don't do minimal
Yeah you soft but yo man is a criminal
Huh, I fly way more then I drive bitch
You cry way more then a high bitch
I'm in a V12 you a hybrid
Your girl watching me like a eyelid
Hit the O2 arena UK
I'm from Brooklyn so pass the deuce
My name's a topic so fuck what you say
Never rap a lot, always truth say
You outdated like a limousine
Cut her off, get the guillotine
Never making a gorilla scene
Scratch it off, [?] never did we disagree
When I'm out girls roll like sushi
Yes my Mac red like Jim Belushi
You're not that bad to be bad and bougie
Mess the [?] go fix the doubie
On on on tv but my life's a movie
I ain't say shit please don't accuse me
Bitch I'm famous, please amuse me
Shitted on ya please don't excuse me

If I should die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take
But I won't die you ungrateful bitch
Suck my dick
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