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Don't Like Me Lyrics

Safaree – Don't Like Me Lyrics

[Hook: Travis Kr8ts]
This is not a regular Bentley, this is a Mulsa'
I ride on a plane more, then I ride on a bulsa
I know you don't like me, I know you don't like me
My nigga, I'm telling you nigga, you don't have to like me
I know these niggas don't like me, I know, I know they don't
I know these niggas don't like me, oh, I know they don't
I know that these niggas don't like me cause I'm fuckin' they hoes
I'm out here just gettin' this money, my nigga, the fuck is you on?

[Verse 1: Safaree]
I record in the dark cause you niggas can't see me
I know you gon' write it, file a case and go type it
Go get you a army cause you niggas is boring me
I'm plugged like a socket, these niggas ain't solid
I just copped a new foreign, now my ex-bitch touring
Cause my new bitch got a new house while I was out touring
Let me take a vaca, baby, bring the AK
I know these niggas plotting, but that's A-ok


[Verse 2: Safaree & Travis Kr8ts]
Chasing the mula, counting the money
All up in Paris, fucked up my Giuseppes
(Damn, damn)
(All up in Paris, fucked up my Giuseppes)
Whoop! You don't have to like me, you don't have to write me
When I pull up in that 458, your girl gonna sight me
Why you niggas be lying? I got drink in my cup
Doing a hunnid, bitch, I'm in lust
Splash on your bitch and I tell her it's raining
Champagne, damn, it's raining
Simon said jump bitch, Simon said duck bitch
Why these bitches keep breaking your heart?
I could get noble and build you a ark
Save all the speeches, they send you so far
I'm taking your girl, we stuck in my car

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