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Kerosene Dreams Lyrics

Sadistik – Kerosene Dreams Lyrics

We place ourselves on pedestals
She loves me not my petals stole
A head so full of ghosts that if I open it I'll let ‘em go
Seppuku left em so the exit wound’s impeccable
Get so Heavy headed, heaven knows this is my hecatomb
Devil boy l second guess my efforts til the echoes roam tremolo
My temper trembles slow temperatures are ten below
Tentacles attach to temples for mementos
Sipping soma melanomas slowly growing on my mental
Defend my territory kill ‘em like a teratoma
Murder like its Terror Firmer Troma
Combing through this Terra Firma
Tear through derma circa circumventing
Persons of a certain setting
I'm acerbic like a serpent I’m a servent
Come behead me
Any minute ima murder my reflection
If looks could kill I'd burn the ones who turned in My direction
Don’t try me I’m a daily chore
Dying for the sake of war
Maybe I’m just paranoid but I see 1984
Inside my mind let's take a tour
A thousand miles away from shore
All my words are made of oars
Metal in my veins they're made of ore
Or I'm a bore I'm so ugly I'm abhorrent
I'm aborted boars chewing on my corpse
Yo I’m rigged with rigor mortis stored in a morgue of the tortured
Immortalized my scorn born on a scorched earth
Torrential downpours pouring on our pores
I’m porcelain
Somebody should have hung me in that orchard

Kerosene dreams on the things that I’ve seen
Tear off my wings then they tariff my screams
Careless all weak they don’t care if we bleed
Kerosene dreams please bury me deep
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