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Waves Lyrics

Sadistik – Waves Lyrics

Coming in waves
All different colors and shapes up in my face
Flooded with hundreds of planes & none of em gray
Everyone's summer it's strange

[Verse 1]
I am pathetic, cause I'm empathetic
And hide in my head it's so minor
The mind of a skeptic, lights are synthetic
They're everywhere vital and hectic
The highest aesthetics, a life that's systemic
High-lows are leveled in vibrant falsettos
The tidals lack titles but I won't forget it, no I won't forget it
When I go to bed its so psychokinetic
I am antenna, ions and tenors
I'll light up the sky, like the eye of the nexus
Like Roman Polanski, I am The Tenant
To my own unconscious, I am dependent
Depends on perception, the pen can scripts tempests
My temper’s tempestuous, excellent sounds
If I don't swim right the riptide will drift like Virginia’s
I'll give in and then I’ma drown in the...



[Verse 2]
Animalistic, the phantoms are present
A precious example of tandem dimensions
My hands on a candle to cancel the shadows
That saddled my mental, a sad I'll admit to
A satellite signal emitting it's riveting
Stand at attention, the visuals vicious
My visions distorted this visage contorted
Of course it's a symptom I've been here before
7 billion people, 14 billion faces, I don't want to meet a one
I'd rather sit inside my tomb where I bloom & I ruminate
In a room with 8ths while the meter runs
Meet or run, watch the cumulus accumulate
Feel the rush, funerals accrue the weight
When I’m in a state I hope it's deep enough
When the season comes to pursue the chase
I'll take it there, and wait till they’re coming in waves

I’m wavy, everything is blurry on the daily
I’m way beyond what they’ve been on
They basic while I’m wavy

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