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Blue Sunshine Lyrics

Sadistik – Blue Sunshine Lyrics

A: Listen man, not to be rude or anything but uh...What are you? I mean your costume
B: I'm a body bag. I thought the invitation said come as you are

[Verse 1]
My style is gory like an Edgar Allan story
Monkey’s paw, allegory, fucking raw, category
Edward Gorey, sorted sorta morbid, chloroform for ‘em
Fuck their foreign forums, I’ll deform 'em with some four-inch forceps
There's no distortions, take misfortunes and record 'em
A borderline personality, plus poor decorum
Pour the poor me, more aurora borealis
I'm forming calluses from holding grudges more than normal
Got a smorgasbord, supportive followers and won't ignore 'em
Portland, Oregon, all the way to Portland, Maine, for the boredom
I’m going Foreman forming coarsest choruses
Agoraphobic portions, lived behind my ribs, absorbed and dormant
Fortified a fortress I have lived in since the storm arrived
Left ‘em mortified from horror I’ve reported, boarded up
The windows and their doors are shut to keep out the vandals
A four-cornered room and I'm staring at candles

A reflection I don't recognize, set with deader eyes
Looking petrified, breath is like a pesticide
Skeleton and extra-sized flesh of mine to gelatin
Resembling the dead alive, I identify with my enemies
I don't like me either, I can empathize
Never mind the effort I have severed to my lesser side
Weathered all the weather, let the temper rise

[Verse 2]
Even in the misery, I don’t want the company
I'm cuddling with ghosts that I know will accompany
Me to the grave, I made with a spade
Take me away, shutter-speed suddenly
Utterly infatuated with the patterns splattered on my atoms
Past or present lacks a presence when you just don’t give a, fuck you
Martyr or a carnivore, art of war, Sun-Tzu, Sun-Tzu
Someone come undo these hum-drum views I sing and hum drums to
My tongue gon’ spew some blood unto these dumbfucks who gon’ run amok
So run those jewels, I’m numb and dumb to the gumshoe ones who
Wonder what I been up to, what’s the matter, is that body bag too baggy, boy?

So minimalissimo
At least three Gs of the Indica leaf to blow
In the pit of my seedy skull
Untreatable when the sinister creature roams
To each his own, since when do you eat your own?
They called me precious, and said I'm a piece of gold
I said they're fools, they don't listen to reason though
This blue sunshine hidden between my bones

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