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Perseus Lyrics

Sadistik – Perseus Lyrics

Keeping the snakes out of my circle
Keeping the Saints out of my virtue
Keeping the strangers outta my personal space
Perseus, Perseus, Perseus, Perseus

[Verse 1: Sadistik]
Summer of fear, numb to the steel
Press it to my lips, gun to the grill
Hunt in the field, come get the kill
Something to feel, snuff flicks & chill
I want a piece of you
There’s only war inside no peace in que
To cue the mister perfect on his Ps & Qs
Who hits the purp like policemen...
I’m doomed, doomed, I'll demonstrate
Medusa grew a new head of snakes
My voodoos do levitate
I escalate, I escalate
It’s gloom gloom gloom everyday
Might chew threw this noose too
Fill my flesh with hate until the levees break
& graze necks with blades amen


[Verse 2: Sadistik]
I’ll bite the head off a snake
(Keep the grass cut low, keep the grass cut low)
Sometimes the dead are awake
(Keep the casket closed, keep the casket closed)
Now How’s that medicine taste?
(Keep the antidote, keep the antidote)
These Vipers embedding their fangs
It heightens the venom I’m getting to get in my zone
So Ouroboros, so Ouroboros
I’m forced to course on my porous organs
Unfortunately my portraits morbid
I’m watching gore flicks of body torture
A poor defense towards a modern culture
Where all the vultures absorb the horror
While I record decorum that they call offensive
If they're all against it, of course I'm for it
Of course I'm foreign
I don't relate to herds
Their tongues stay forked
Now eat your words
Two fingers up Im candelabra
They camouflage just to mask the monsters
Blackened mambas to anacondas
Fangs in veins make me catatonic

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